Welcome to Sendai I will teach you three good points

Hello! I have lived in Sendai for 20 years. Since I was born I grew up in Sendai in Sendai and I work in Sendai. In case I will introduce it little by little, but this time I will teach three, recommended places. It’s you who searched for in “Sendai” so you should be able to read fun.


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There are a lot of foods in Sendai.

What is famous among Japan is "beef tongue".

This is eating a cow 's tongue as a steak.

There is crispness, salty taste is heard, it is addictive.

In case

"Speaking of Sendai, beef tongue"

This is a watchword.

2.Scenic spots

There is a place called "Matsushima".

It is a place where the famous Japanese haiku "Matsuo Basho" was impressed long ago.

He said "Matsushima and Oh Matsushima and Matsushima."

Although it is a haikai, I was touched by the scenery to the extent that I could not speak it.

The food is delicious, there are hot springs too.

Although it suffered from the earthquake in 2011, I am gradually recovering.

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3.Military commander (samurai)

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There used to be a lord called “Date Masamune” a long time ago in Sendai. For Masamune Date, I will make another page. There is a castle where Date Masamune lived, places where treasures are displayed.


From now on, I will introduce more about Sendai. Anyway there are plenty of fun things. I would be happy if you are interested in Sendai for a while. Well then, also.


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Anytime please


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